Installation, wooden pallet (889 x 1156 cm), bitumen paint, salt, video (5:57 min, loop), 2 photo copies (21 x 29,7 cm) 2 photografs (21 x 15 cm)
Moltkerei Cologne, November 18.-27.2010

A wooden pallet, taken from the Israeli export company Tadiran Batteries Ltd. is brought to the Dead Sea.
On site it is painted with asphalt-paint and put into the sea, where it drifts slowly on the surface of the water in front of a running video camera. Afterwards the black pallet is given back to the same company, to be reused for carriage of freight.
When the pallet arrives at a German subsidiary company, it is withdrawn from the transport cicle and presented in an installation confronting its projected video image.
Both transfers of the pallet were an exchange: the company's employes received each time a photograph, depicting the pallet floating on the Dead Sea.