Foto: Jürgen Brinkmann


sound installation (5 wooden boards, rods, transducers)
Intraregionale 2021, Kunstverein Barsinghausen 
13.6. – 18.7.2021

In physics, permeation describes the process in which a solid is traversed by a substance. The sound installation conceived for the monastery wall in Barsinghausen is dedicated to the phenomenon of permeability and porosity on a sonic level.

Five window niches are covered with wooden elements that are set into vibration by sound transducers. The vibrations and sounds become perceptible only when the listener comes into close proximity. The covered niches and their openings represent individual stations that can be walked through one after the other, from left to right. Short text fragments invite visitors to change their listening focus and orientation, encouraging them to tune into the transitions between internal and external, imaginary and bodily experiences.

Text (German) by Julienne Franke